Cairo To Cairo - Pharaohs & Pyramids

Cairo To Cairo - Pharaohs & Pyramids

Discover Egypt, ancient & modern

Uncover the ancient secrets of Egypt amid the welcoming culture of today. See the pyramids from astride a majestic camel. Explore the Temple of Karnak’s 136 soaring pillars. Visit Queen Nefertari’s tomb in the Valley of the Kings. Skim the waters of the Nile by traditional felucca. Enjoy the fragrances of Aswan’s spice market. Join our expert Egyptologists on a 12-day cruisetour through Egypt on board our modern Nile ships, owned and operated by Viking.


Day by Day

To learn more about each port of call and our included as well as optional excursions, click on the individual days below.

  1. Cairo, Egypt - Admire the ?aqq?rah Step Pyramid, and in Giza, witness the Great Pyramids and Great Sphinx.
  2. Cairo, Egypt - See the Cairo Citadel and Mosque of Muhammad Ali; browse the Museum of Egyptian Antiquities.
  3. Cairo, Egypt - Mingle with locals at a typical Egyptian souk or browse one of Cairo’s fascinating museums.
  4. Luxor, Egypt - Walk among the monumental peristyles and obelisks at the Temples of Luxor and Karnak.
  5. Qena, Egypt - View columns and hieroglyphics at the Dendera Temple complex, set on the Nile’s west bank.
  6. Luxor, Egypt - See the Valley of the Kings, Queen Nefertari’s tomb and Queen Hatshepsut’s mortuary temple.
  7. Esna, Egypt - Stroll the Temple of Khnum’s well-preserved Hypostyle Hall, with its intricate columns.
  8. Aswan, Egypt - Learn about the Aswan Dam’s flood control, browse a souk and sail the Nile in a felucca
  9. Aswan, Egypt - Meet locals in a Nubian village, explore the Temples of Philae and discover how papyrus is made.
  10. Kom Ombo, Egypt - Encounter Kom Ombo Temple, dedicated to two gods, with both sides being identical.
  11. Edfu, Egypt - Discover the ancient Temple of Horus and see the multiple statues of its namesake falcon god.
  12. Luxor, Egypt - Experience the east bank’s “Hundred-Gated City”; browse the Luxor Library.
  13. Cairo, Egypt - Explore the city of ancient monuments, many of which have stood for thousands of years.
  14. Cairo, Egypt - Stroll through the bustling heart of the city, past antique stores and boutique shops.

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